Across virtually every industry, businesses are transitioning to a data-driven approach. But while many are good at collecting data, understanding it is tougher.

There are a host of online platforms which will help you collate your data from different sources but most small medium sized enterprises don’t know how to use these services and even if they did they wouldn’t have the time required to actually overlay the data correctly so that it makes sense.

What we want to do is make it easy for executives and teams at small and medium companies to track the right metrics, make good decisions, and lead with confidence. Because the more you know, the faster you grow.

The average company does not have the financial resources to hire their own internal mathematician to sit at a desk and do nothing else but overlay data source after data source in order to give management a better idea of where the company is going and what their customers are doing. And those companies that do have the budgets to correctly overlay their data most often than not pay £100,000s to very large corporate consultancy firms to do it.

We want to let you access the power of super brains and a fraction of the cost.

Our mission: help you get better at what you are already very good at doing, and do it even faster.