Data services at a fraction of the cost

McKinsey, IBM, all these big boys know a thing or two about big data. The question is do you? If you don’t, you need us.

We hold your hand right from Day 1 and make sure we understand what is important to you.

Our Services:

Data analysis and Monthly Reporting:

An initial consultation with your a dedicated ‘data guru’ takes place at the very beginning of the data4startups journey. The guru sits down with the relevant company stakeholders and takes time to find out how the business works, what the sales process looks like, and what the stakeholders want to do better.

With this information in hand, the guru then establishes the different areas where company and sales data is being collected and monitored, the method by which it is being collected and the frequency of its collection. Once established, data analysis is then performed in keeping with the client’s direction on what is important to them in understanding better about the company’s performance, and a monthly report submitted, based on these agreed key performance indicators (KPI’s).

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Strategy Building and Advice:

Once company data has been analysed, KPI’s agreed upon, and reports submitted, the next stage is to build a strategy to improve profitability. There are a great many tasks that a company can do to improve profitability. These can range from increasing the price of a product or service, introducing new products and/ or services, encourage repeat sales with offers and discounts, target different segments of the market, and importantly reduce the cost of acquiring a client.

The cost of sale or when discussing services and/ or products that are advertised online, the cost per acquisition (CPA) on a sale, is perhaps the most important statistical figure that exists when it comes to being in business. It goes without saying that a company needs to be able to sell a service and/ or product more than the cost it takes to produce and market it. If the company is not able to do this, then it will simply not make a profit.

But one’s CPA is a figure which does take some digging in to to get right. And that’s our job. Once we have an accurate CPA, then changes and small tweaks to your system and processes, and advertising strategy can happen, and your CPA lowered, leaving you in more profit at the end of each month.

Its during this phase that strategy recommendations are made.

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Software Package Setup:

Once a strategy has been built and decided upon new processes need to be put in place that often require new software packages to be setup. Data4Startups are able to help customers in setting up these software packages for a minimum set fee and provide ongoing support.

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