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Do you really know how well your company is doing? Do you think you really know who your best customers are and how their spending habits are affecting your bottom line?

These are the types of questions that those of us managing and running businesses think we instinctively know the answers to. Oft however we do not and when we drill down into the data itself we see a very different picture emerge. Sometimes by the time we do this however it is already too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

Get access to data professionals through our Basic Guru Program, and get a dedicated guru expert look through your data today and tell you exactly how you can improve your bottom line immediately.

The Basic Guru Program is a monthly subscription package which provides you with access  to super brains on a monthly basis without the burden of a data analyst on your payroll. Data4Startups provides you with your very own dedicated data guru for a few hours every week at a set price that you can afford and at the end of each month you get a report that provides you with actionable insights. These actionable insights list the ways in which you can improve your profitability. These actions range from re-negotiating terms with providers in instances where their costs are taking too large a bite into your profits through to changing product bundles based on their pricing and popularity.

The value of understanding your own data has never been as important as it is today. And that is because your competition has and is getting wind of the same. This is a beast you must tame today.

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